How to Take Care of Your Mazda Car

Regular maintenance of your Mazda is the best way to keep it running smoothly. Professional service can help you identify minor issues before they turn into larger, more expensive issues to fix. It is a great way to keep the value of your investment, and regular service history will add credibility to a potential car buyer. However, there are four things anyone can do between service visits to take care of their car.

Read the user manual.

The best resource you have for your Putnam Mazda vehicle is the owner’s manual. It is a fantastic resource, and you should make sure you always have it with you. If you have lost the user manual, you can download it in PDF format and print it or save it on your smartphone. Everything you need to know about your vehicle is in the owner’s manual, including troubleshooting.

Don’t neglect your tires.

Your vehicle’s tires are the only contact points with the road surface. Without proper traction, your car will be harder to steer, and it will be much more difficult for you to brake effectively. Good quality tires may seem expensive, but the contact patch (the parts of the tire that come into contact with the road) is the size of your palm. Therefore, the contact patch must have the best grip to ensure your safety on the road. Be careful not to over-inflate or over-inflated tires; The ideal tire pressure is indicated on the tire pressure label and in the owner’s manual. Make sure the minimum tread depth is 1.5mm from the tire surface.

Fluid levels are vital.

The three main fluids to keep an eye on are brakes, oil, and coolant. It will be checked during regularly scheduled maintenance, but the fluid level may drop if the maintenance interval is too long. So take the time to check the fluid level and provide top-up care. If you are planning a longer trip, it is recommended that you check the fluid level in the windshield washer reservoir before leaving. It’s easy to recharge and can help if your windshield gets smudged or spattered with road grime and grime.

Battery level

Check your car’s battery periodically to ensure the fluid level is optimum. If you find it hard to start in the morning, this could signify that your car’s battery is dead. It will help you avoid breakdowns with a dead battery.


If you are looking for a reliable Mazda service, contact Mazda dealers for more information. The Mazda team can cater to all your Mazda needs.